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The Cérvoles Celler winery, which boasts cutting-edge technology, was designed to take into account the size of the various plots, so that each fermenter holds the grapes of a single grape variety and plot. Notice should be taken of the particular loading system employed: the tanks are filled from the bottom, a method that is much more gentle on the berries and avoids early lacerations of the skins.

Our barrels are an aspect to which we pay particular attention. We have made major efforts to employ the right wood and the right coopers and we use slow-growing oak wood and special toasting points. This has led us to determine which types of wood contribute the nuances and personality that we seek for good balance and appropriate complexity in our wines, which ultimately allow us to produce that characteristic bouquet of the Cérvoles wines.

Today, Cérvoles Celler has 300 barrels, most of which are new, although we use one- and two-year-old barrels as well. The barrels are all made from French oak, chosen not so much in terms of the forest where it originates but in terms of the slow-growing oak that each cooper can offer us.

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