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Cérvoles Celler lies within the district of Les Garrigues, which has a complex terrain with a succession of hills and creeks that ends at the Sierra la Llena to the south, marking the border with Priorat and La Conca de Barberà.

The various plots comprising the estate are located at an altitude of between 700 and 750 metres above sea level, with different orientations and an average rainfall of 450 mm a year: appropriate for quality viticulture.

The soils have a loamy texture (silt-loam, clay-loam) with varying amounts of gravel. The permeability of the underground gravel allows for proper draining, while the clay preserves humidity, producing an optimal water balance for grape growing.

The combination of these special characteristics and the impressive wild, natural environs, make the Cérvoles Celler estate unique and exceptional.

This exceptionality allows us to employ ecological agriculture techniques, which are based on fostering natural processes and biological interaction in order to optimise and preserve the land’s agricultural resources, thereby ensuring sustainable agricultural practices.

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