Cérvoles, the mountain wines dream of Tomàs Cusiné
Singular vineyards in a terroir as distinctive as that of La Pobla de Cérvoles
Tribute to an ancestral wine territory


To be fully appreciated, some projects require a perspective that only comes with time. This is the case of Cérvoles Celler, undertaken by Tomàs Cusiné 20 years ago in order to pay tribute to an ancestral wine-making land, regaining a practice that, at that time, did not have much interest in the world of wine:  mountain viticulture.

Having worked with the vineyards on Urgell plains in Castell del Remei (the property acquired by his family in 1982), for Cusiné the vineyards at La Pobla de Cérvoles represented a true revelation and an extraordinary opportunity to rethink his work as a winemaker, taking on a far-reaching commitment to the land of Les Garrigues and its people. This project also represented a return to the roots without abandoning the technological advances that the present and the future offer.

Therefore, in 1997, Cérvoles Celler was created as a winery designed to produce high quality single estate wines, which express clearly the territory where they are grown and with its sights firmly set on the ultimate goal: to be the first mountain viticultural project set up in Catalonia.


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