Technology and low interventionism      

Equipped with the latest oenological technology, the Cérvoles Celler winery has a bespoke design that takes into account the size of the different plots of vines so that the grapes from a single variety and specific plot are fermented separately in different tanks.

The system used to transfer the harvested grapes is particularly important, these being loaded through the lowest part of the tanks in order to protect the fruit more effectively, among other reasons because this prevents lacerations in the grapes skins.

The winery has used different types of slow-growing oak for its barrels, specially roasted. Those who can supply the barrels that contribute to the appropiate nuances and character for Cérvoles are the ones selected in order to preserve the balance and complexity of our wines; in other words, the characteristic bouquet of this company’s wines.

The winery currently has 300 casks, mostly new ones, although some of them are in their second or third year of use. All of them are made from French oak.

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