An amazing experience of fresh fruit
and candies

100% Grenache

Denomination of origin Costers del Segre, Les Garrigues

This young wine represents our new bet for verticality and purity, no makeup, no masks, just fruit in its utmost expression. A large French oak “Tonneau” of 4.000L slightly shapes its evocative and captivating character. Partially vinified with its whole cluster.

Strawberries, blackcurrant and blackberry…citrus jellybeans and deep species cover the whole spectrum of this wine which honours this indige- nous grape variety thanks to the singularity of Cérvoles and the moun- tain viticulture that we practise in altitudes over 700 m.

We recommend chill this wine between 12o and 16o. Excellent for a duck comfit and sweet contrast dishes.

Mountain Viticulture located at an altitude between 700 and 800 metres, nestling at the foothills of the Serra de la Llena, natural border within Priorat region and Serra del Montsant, an area in contrast between Mediterranean and Continental climate, with scarce rain average and always soft winds that guarantee healthy conditions on the vineyards. Soil structure predominates with great water retention, rich in gravels and a marly texture optimum for quality viticulture. The eleva- tion of our vineyards and the temperature contrast in Garrigues region impacts on the grape skin thickness, encouraging the concentration of anthocyanins and tannins whilst enhancing acidity and freshness.

Member of Grandes Pagos de España “Grand Cru’s from Spain” since 2002.

Wine in conversation with Organic Farming and member of the Sustai- nability program in Costers del Segre.

Awards and recognitions:

Peñin: Garnatxa de Cérvoles 2015 90 points
Gilbert & Gaillard: Gold medal
Catavinum Word Wine & Spirits competition 2017: Gold medal

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